A downloadable game for Windows

Your goal is to collect Lighting Bolts in order to charge yourself, leaving behind a trail of light behind you. What kind of result will you and your friends produce by the end?


  • Player #1: Arrow Keys
  • Player #2: WASD
  • Player #3: TFGH
  • Player #4: IJKL
  • Player #5: 8462
  • Player #6: ZXCV

This is a prototype game that was made for the Eindhoven GLOW Festival 2020. The goal was to create something that was both fun to play and fun to watch. The game is a short arcade game where players collect lighting bolts and colouring in the canvas in order to get points. The end result will produce a unique painting!

The reason for the resolution was due to plan being for the game to be projected on to the side of a building, thus the portrait resolution.



BulbCharge_Windows.zip 42 MB

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